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Barkley said:
DonFerrari said:

And a platform that is said to be bad on sales of Sony exclusives.

If people are saying that, they shouldn't.

Adding together all the first-party exclusives that have sold over 1m (according to vgc) brings the totals to the following:

PS3: 106.92m (from 34 games)  (AVG Per Game: 3.14m)

PS4: 59.11m (from 19 games)    (AVG Per Game: 3.11m)

So PS4 is already at over half the amount of exclusive title sales the PS3 sold, and the per game average is almost as high, which will obviously increase with time.

You are right... still that never prevented people saying PS3 was a bad exclusive seller because its top 10 had most multiplats while X360 had more exclusives on top 10 (of course those people ignored all that was outside of the Top 10 and the bigger diversity of games on PS3).

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