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pitzy272 said:

Very happy to see such awesome sales for HZD. I was a believer! Before launch, I was very confident it would do a minimum of 5 million and felt it was possible it could do 8 million. Can’t say I thought it would do darn near 8 mill in its first year, though.

Weren’t Zelda’s sales just announced to be 7million or so as well? Zelda’s legs continue to be insane, at full price no less, and it will eventually sell a good bit more than HZD; but, it’s impressive for HZD nonetheless.

I never get why zelda crawls its way into every horizon thread. What about the Witcher 3? Or any other 3rd person game with RPG elements?

Not only is zelda a very very established IP, its also one of the biggest IPs in nintendo's portfolio of games. Having made an appearance on every single nintendo platform with exception to the Virtual boy. Even more, its on a platform with less than 5 must have games and one of the most popular games of those 5.

I guess its a testemant to just how good HZD is; being a first attempt in a new genre from a dev and a new IP all the while being compared to one of the greatest longest standing IPs of all time.

Last edited by Intrinsic - on 28 February 2018