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xMetroid said:
LipeJJ said:

My thoughts exactly. it will easily surpass 10m this year combined. And I also want a darker, more sinister Zelda next time. As much as I loved BotW's style, I loved the creepiness of Majora's and Twilight so much that I'd like to see that again next time. It would be glorious, and I think now the time is right for it: they're now are familiar with HD development and huge open world development, and Switch is decently more powerful than Wii U, which was already able to run a beautiful and complex game like BotW.  So I think they can pull it nicely.

Exactly!!!! I think the franchise is due for a more darker episode with the last 2 being Botw and SS. I loved Botw's artstyle and i think it's the best one yet for the franchise. But i just like the story line and atmosphere better when it's more creepy Zelda. I would be surprised if they do another cell-shading game since they like to change thinks up.

Well while it isn't creepy, what story there is in Breath of the Wild can be pretty dark.  It's just the story takes a pretty significant back seat.  I think a Zelda that zooms in on that more serious, occasionally grim tone with a greater story focus while retaining the more freeing gameplay of BotW would be a great way to follow up on BotW.