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If you think the Ni No Kuni and Kirby comparison are weird that's nothing compared to Labo vs God of War. I am pretty sure someone already made a thread on that.

Meta critic score: Ni No Kuni
Sales: Kirby?(Ni No Kuni has the advantage of being on two platforms so it will be closer than anyone expects.)
Honestly kirby could do really well. I am thinking like 2.5 million. However kirby sells on legs so this one might take a while to decide who wins.

Tag:I'm not bias towards Nintendo. You just think that way (Admin note - it's "biased".  Not "bias")
(killeryoshis note - Who put that there ?)
Switch is 9th generation. Everyone else is playing on last gen systems!

Biggest pikmin fan on VGchartz I won from a voting poll
I am not a nerd. I am enthusiast.  EN-THU-SI-AST!
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