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Farsala said:
StokedUp said:
FINALLY, FINALLY I got the Anjaneth gem after over 30 hunts. The ironic thing is, I never got it from carving its tail I got it for an award for completing the quest which in the monster hunter field guide for the Anjaneth it says you only get it from carving its tail.

I hope you were always doing Anjaneth HR investigations, rather than just hunting him normally. Much higher drop rates with investigations than through carve. You could also have bought it with one the weekly rewards at the melder.

Yeah I was doing the HR, I can’t believe how long it took lol, one thing Ian for sure I’m an absolutely master at beating Anjaneth now. I’m just  forward to moving on now and really hope I’m more lucky when it comes to the Gems off other monsters.

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