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Bandorr said:
Can I link to twitter? I know I can't embed it but can I link to it?

I'll just copy the text of a thread going around about chrono trigger.

"This looks like someone's first attempt at an RPG Maker game."
"Okay yeah, fuck. This is what I was scared of. It's just the phone version ported to Windows. Touch controls and all."
"I'm a huge Chrono Trigger fan. I've played the game a dozen times, and it pains me to tell people not to pick Chrono Trigger up on the most ubiquitous platform available, but @SquareEnix didn't want to put the effort into releasing what should have been a slam dunk."

So I will probably hold off until it gets reviews.

I hope this isn't the case, but SE did stealth release this, put next to zero marketing behind it, while they've been churning out all sorts of tweets, marketing and press media for FF XV PC. SE should know well by now that one good port, doesn't mean the rest should be crap or left to the side.