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One of the best games ever made!

Square Enix has released Chrono Trigger for PC via Steam for $14.99.

The PC version offers the following features:

Two Extra Dungeons – Includes the mysterious “Dimensional Vortex” dungeon and “Lost Sanctum” dungeon that first appeared in the Nintendo DS and mobile releases

Chrono Trigger Limited Edition – Those that purchase the STEAM version until April 2, 2018 will receive the following digital bonuses for free:

An enchanting and specially edited digital song file containing a medley of five songs: “Far Off Promise,” “Wind Scene,” “Battle with Magus,” “Corridors of Time,” and “Chrono Trigger”

Composer Yasunori Mitsuda’s digital liner notes

A collection of six stunning PC wallpapers in varying sizes

Updated Graphics and Sound – While keeping the atmosphere of the original, this version features optimized visuals designed for modern PCs and a re-recorded soundtrack under the supervision of original composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Updated Controls – Optimized PC experience that supports both controller and mouse/keyboard configuration

New Autosave Feature – Automatically saves while still featuring the original title’s Save Point function


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