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well, canada, specifically Quebec, because some of those issues are managed at a provincial level

How is healthcare. In canada we get free healthcare for almost all our needs. which would made a pretty boring Breaking Bad serie in canada, because it would last one episode : -hey you got cancer. -wow th'at's pretty bad what i can do ? -Here's your appointement for your first treatment, it's free.

however, it's free for the user, but of course we pay for it collectively. so in Quebec we pay around 30% taxes on our salary, plus a 15% sale tax for everything you buy.

and it's not perfect. the waiting at the emergency is about 10 to 18 hours, waiting list for some procedure can be months of not years. the medical system is sucking more and more money every year. And lately we have a prime minister and 2 of the most important minister that are doctors. and in the last few years, the doctor salary have go sky high, while other ressources like nurses are getting more and more jobs and less time to do it. we do more with less and the system is getting exausted.