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1. How do you feel about healthcare in your country?

For the US. Despite having healthcare through my mother's job or my college healthcare I haven't been to the hospital in around 10 years. Dental is nice twice a year, but also unneeded. When I went 10 years ago the 20-30 min waits were really annoying.

2. How do you feel about gun control in your country?

There isn't really any. I only seen 1 or 2 guns in my life though other than cops.

3. College

Expensive, but due to state politics I suppose sometimes the costs are warranted. An out of state person pays 3x as much as in state at the university I go to. 15% international students also pay for cheap education and other facilities to make the state richer.

4. Prison

Some BS here when people who do some drugs get punished for far longer than a murderer.

5. Education for kids

Teachers need to get paid more. Colleges should want high schoolers to be smarter or more prepared.