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I like him. He is my favorite Megaman!

Sorry, i couldn't resist.

Ok, so my country of birth: Portugal

Healthcare: Mostly free healthcare. Makes health centers and hospitals packed, but the population is well treated.

Gun control: Never saw anyone with a gun except a policeman or a military man. The way it should be.

Economically: Portugal is making a big recovery and proved Austerity politics don't work. So, it was good not only for Portugal but all of the EU.

Some people make fun of Portugal like it's a backwards country, but it's honestly one of the most democratic and socially advanced countries around. I saw someone in WoW tell a portuguese speaking guy: "Well, at least i'm not portuguese.", like it's a thing to she ashamed of. Portugal is a great country and i'm very proud to be Portuguese. It's a great place to live. Ask Maddona. xD

Now the country i'm living im: Netherlands

Healthcare: You have to pay a premium every month. Almost 200 euros a month. You can't go to the hospital unless you got an appointment or you will pay a huge medical bill. This means that if you have an emergency, you will pay a huge bill.
For minor issues you have to make an appointment with the general practician. You can't just go in either.

I hate it. I pay alot for it and it's worse than in Portugal. It literally incentivises people to die at home.

Gun control: Have only seen air pressure guns for Schutterij shooting competitions. Aside from that, police. Seems fine. Though i know that there have been murders in the past. The randstad area seems to be more prone to criminality, so, it might be different there.

Economicly: Not sure actually. I don't follow it closely, but the Netherlands is a somewhat wealthy country due to the Rotterdam port. For a rich country though, the assortment of food is vastly inferior to what is in offer in Portugal aswell.


Sounds like i hate the Netherlands, but it's ok. I chose to make the sacrifice and come here. I do wish i could go back though.

Last edited by Nem - on 25 February 2018