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the-pi-guy said: 

1. How do you feel about healthcare in your country?

2. How do you feel about gun control in your country?

1. Needs to be reformed. I support a universal multi-payer system of non-profit cooperatives with strong subsidies. The Swiss or Dutch model are the best to look at in my opinion, but things need  to be fit to American cultural values. 

I don't support single-payer because I don't want evangelicals and religious conservatives playing politics with people's healthcare. It becomes less of a problem when there are multiple funding sources to choose from. 

2. I think there can be some tinkering with background checks, but overall I like the ease at which poor and disadvantaged people can arm themselves for defense, and I think the more people learning how to take care of their own defensive needs the better, considering the state of the criminal justice system in this country. 

Some other big issues of mine:

3. I think the U.S needs to end the war on drugs. It is the main cause of crime. 

4. I think the U.S needs to reform the criminal justice system to be less punitive. 

5. I think the U.S needs to descalate its involvement in the world and stop subsidizing global trade routes and the national defense of other countries. 

6. I think the secondary school system needs to be reformed to have more choice, student freedom, and less hierarchy. 

7. I think there needs to be a refocus on skilled labor. Not everyone needs to go to academia to get a job. 

8. I think we need to devolve political institutions and embrace more federalism and local democracy. 

9. I think a negative income tax should replace most welfare programs, so that people have more labor freedom. 

10. I think we should adopt usufruct property titles for natural resources and land.