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sc94597 said:
SuaveSocialist said:

1.  Various options, possibly an equivalent to the institutions that issue Driver's Licenses and oversee auto insurance.  

2.  If you read one thing as a completely different thing, then your literacy is suspect.  

3. I'm not seeing evidence of rational thinking, though.  

4. That which is freely asserted is freely dismissed.  Pretty much the rest of the free world has figured out how to be free without a Second Amendment.

5.  Good for you.  You're wrong.

1. I don't need to have a license to buy a car. I can drive it on non-public property without a license. 

2. Actually to the contrary, I am using the context of the discussion to wrangle out the implications of your statement. 

3. I think the reasons are clear. I am an American proletariat, I don't want the capitalists who control the United States' various governments dictating what arms I can own. 

4.  Your "the rest of the free-world" rhetoric is an example of the bandwagon fallacy, and is as sloppy as an argument gets.

5. And how, might I ask, would one revolutionize political institutions and society

1. You only asked "privilege at whose authority", not the methodologies said authority could use.  I never said that an equivalent to the authority would be limited to using identical methodologies as those who issue driver's licenses and auto insurance.  Are you reading things differently than as they are written again?

2. Well, you've gone from what was written to another thing entirely without any logical explanation of how you got there, so your literacy remains suspect.  

3. Good for you.  You still aren't presenting evidence of rational thinking, though.  

4. No, it's not.  The "bandwagon fallacy" is committed when one asserts that the opinion of the majority is valid.  My statement did not reference an opinion at all, let alone appeal to an opinion's popularity as merit for its truth.  My statement was a verifiable fact.  Pretty much the rest of the free world lacks a Second Amendment or an equivalent thereof, yet they are still free.  That fact refutes your earlier claim and it is not a fallacy to point that out to you. 

5.  I never said anything about revolution.  Are you reading things differently than as they've been written again?  Because that has absolutely nothing to do with what I said in point 5.

I'm giving you one last chance to type something coherent.