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Anyone who thinks making guns illegal in the US would be a good thing is clueless to the much of the country.

It would not go well. If you are from any of the say flyover states, you know what I'm talking about. Gun owners are not handing over their guns.

But well see how these dropping of NRA stuff works. The same people I see on facebook non stop posting links showing NFL ratings down and such are the same people are all gun owners. I hope Delta and others are prepared for some loss of revenue.

Also the NRA is just a organization. I don't think out of any of my friends that own guns that any of them have ever mentioned the NRA. I doubt they care about them at all. They only care about their gun rights. There doesn't have to be an NRA for them to keep their 2nd amendment rights.


edit: also how many people int he military do you know, or retired military people? I can't think of a single one I know that didn't grow up with guns, or has them now in their house. Also the vast majority of those I know are form rural areas, not the big cities. You know the areas that are hugely against these laws. So I wouldn't count on the military members being supporters of gun laws. if they were forced to confiscate guns from Americans, they would be confiscating them from their family/friends.