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newwil7l said:
Harkins1721 said:
And 11 teens die a day while texting and driving. Time to ban cars. Oh you need a license? Yeah not everyone follows this rule. Lots of people don't even have insurance of their cars.

What a terrible comparison to make. 


However thanks to texting increasing accidents on the road self driving cars are on the horizon so even then your point is moot.

Self driving cars have a long way still and even than the first few years you will have accidents. And than probably a few pile ups. Technology is great until it isnt. Planned Parenthood kills to. Where's the overwhelming outcry over that? How much money do they make? Like I said I'm for stricter gun laws yet people already don't follow them even for simple shit. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws and yet death is pretty high there.

keep picking and choosing your battles.

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