monocle_layton said:
This isn’t even a SJW issue. It’s an American issue where seeing a tit or naked body causes public outrage, but we can glorify mass shooters and gore without a problem whatsoever

This doesn't even make sense. Naked bodies cause public outrage but mass shooters don't? Please think a little bit more before writing. 

Ubisoft is a French company, right? Don't know if the Ass Creed dev's are located in France though. I think they're located in Europe? I wouldn't be surprised if they were located in America though. Anyways, companies have shown in the past that if something isn't allowed in certain countries, they just censor it in a specific region. This is censored everywhere, right? 

Either way, it probably is mostly for North America. Other countries might play a part. But the U.S. definitely has a problem with topics of sex. Pretty funny considering how much sex appeal is in our modern culture. 

Edit: Forgot to mention that this isn't an "SJW" issue and automatically attributing it to that is kind of stupid. The biggest reason I think it's censored? The tour mode is only for educational purposes. It doesn't even feature violence. They probably felt that if they were going to do away with what made the game M rated for the sake of an interesting mode about learning, they might as well censor anything. Heh, you could actually argue that that makes censorship equal for once, and not just one sided against sexual content ... I'm making a very basic guess based on what I know of the mode. Also I realize what I just said might discredit the American thing, but I read up on it after. 

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