Ka-pi96 said:
setsunatenshi said:

There are specific historical reasons why that was the case for a long time (there are also specific laws regarding displaying pubic hair), I'm talking about the attitude of people towards nudity.

Japan is a very sex positive country which to me was actually shocking as they tend to be really reserved regarding public displays of affection. 

Doesn't matter what the reasons are, they're not good enough. And as long as Japan censors porn I'll consider them to be even more afraid of nudity and sex than Americans.

"afraid of nudity" sounds ridiculous, even the prudish culture in north America doesn't mean they are "afraid" of it... I would say the word would be more "ashamed" of sexuality. As an example, the main crime for a politician to commit in the US is a sex scandal. Bill Clinton was facing impeachment procedures due to a blowjob. While the Bush administration could blatantly lie about WMDs and invade several countries under false pretenses with no legal consequences.

In my opinion that beats any type of pixelated dicks on JAVs for sexual repression.