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Errorist76 said:

That’s why this thread is about it available for 199,-. Imho 200-250 for the experience you’re getting is more than worth it. This GTS deal is a steal. 

Tbh I don’t get your first sentence. I and many others always state how soon you forget the low resolution in most games because you indeed DO get the feeling of being present in another world. 

Yes, 200 is an extremely important price point. Still not enough for impulse buyers, but at least we can see that Sony is committed to lower costs. I actually think that the standalone 200 dollar PSVR can be a better deal than the GTS bundle since you're getting the new version with HDR passthrough. Since it still is an enthusiast-level device, it's reasonable to assume people would have it, a PS4 and an HDR TV.

About my first sentence, what I mean is that the current headsets still have a FOV much lower than our vision, The resolution is also low. Maybe even 4K wouldn't be enough since the screen is too close. They give you a much increased immersion, but it still isn't something that could pass as the real thing. We are a few years, maybe a decade, from a really convincing VR device that addresses these issues. For now, we have to use simply the "good-enough" tech. That's why price is important. You can't charge a premium price for something that is just barely enough.