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So I was able to trade in my hard copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda to Gamestop and got a $13.87 credit. I flipped that into a digital copy of Andromeda ($9.89 in the Flash Sale) and Infamous: First Light ($4.99 in the Flash Sale). Not bad right? Anyway, I’ve not played Infamous since maybe 2014 and I must say I’m quite enjoying revisiting Seattle. The world is sprawling and vast and Fetch is a great character. In fact, I’m starting to like her more than Delsin. The only drawback is that she’s only got her own power while Delsin was able to absorb the power of other Conduits. I also like how they’ve added Neon powers to Fetch that Delsin didn’t possess. It would be boring to have the same power Delsin had. Ultimately I feel this is a great game. Especially for a “launch” title. I’d love to see a full Infamous game with Fetch as the main protag. 


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