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Now, humour can be a kind of coping mechanism that uses pessimistic humour to make light of the situation. There is also dark comedy which frequently makes use of touchy subject matters. However, the question is, should anything be allowed or discussed? Now, I'm not talking about legally, I'm talking about in terms of social acceptance. Now, things like death are frequently discussed, but what about subjects such as child abuse/molestation, pedophilia, etc. Should we be accepting of humour that makes light of these topics, or should we be attempt to ostracize people into not using this type of humour? I myself frequently make comedy/humour in regards to subjects such as death, but when I do refer to topics like these a lot of times it's usually as a form of social critique as the main point, rather than comedy. Unfortunately, there are very disturbing things that go on in this world, and I think that we need to criticize it, and one form of doing it is through black comedy I'd say. However, the thing is I think some people address topics like these in poor taste, as their main goal isn't to criticize sex offenders, murder, etc. but rather the comedy itself is the main goal.