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Kyuu said:

The nerf/adjustments should be exclusive to PvP. For single-player, everything will remain exactly as it was.. so why would anyone feel robbed? It's not like people bought those Servants with a future PvP mode in mind, which was never promised in the first place. They got what they willingly gambled for.

Also, Interludes already serve to slightly diminish the gap between overpowered Servants and weaker ones. So how is upgrading weaker 4*/5* Servants to balance PvP a bad idea when it's already taking place -albeit to a small extent- through Interludes? Upgrading a weaker Servant is in and by itself an indirect way to nerf a more powerful Servant.

I completely understand we are talking about changes only for PVP, and i agree with almost everyting you have to say, but at the end of the day it comes down to perspective, do you think people wont complain if they get their characters nerfed for PVP?  in the case of DW they do believe there will be some individuals (who probably paid a lot of money), who wont like the fact their characters got nerfed for PVP, (even if they got their characters before PVP was announced), because at the end of the day those guys paid for an advantage, and DW doesnt think they would be ok with not having said advantage on all aspects of the game.

If you dont agree thats ok, but thats the reason they gave us, arguing beyond this point would be useless because im not a representative from DW or Type Moon, anything else i could tell you would just be my own subjective interpretation, and i think we are trying to get to the truth here and not what i think about it.

Kyuu said:


FGO is January's highest grossing mobile game.... globally.

Impressive (even though Its not the first time they  have reached the top) this time they did it without anything major, in January we only had the hype of the announcement of the second part of the game, and indeed a completely new 5 star servant, however that servant is completely new with no previous backstory or appearances on the game, all the other times they reached the top was with the release of a highgly anticipated (obvuously already known) character in the franchise.