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CrazyGPU said:
I dont think it will be 10 time more powerfull, but I hope it will be 6-7 times more powerfull. that would give it arround 12-14Teraflops, enough for 4k at high quality. 32 GB of RAM would be nice. And probably a 2 TB Hard disk drive. SSD is too expensive, but it might replace a disk like that. A bandwith of 0.8-1 TB/s would be great too. I would like a CPU at least 2 times faster than the current. Anyway, its going to be a long time, I guess six years after PS4 Launch, 2019. But if Microsoft and Nintendo continue selling a lot less, then next gen could come earlier.

I revive my post posted more than 3 years ago, maybe some new people want to guess, after all we probably have 3 more years to wait for a 2020 PS5. Its funny some people that posted are banned!. 

So Nintendo continued selling a lot less, and the switch came in less than 5 years. I was half right there. Microsoft updated the One.

As you can read, at the end of 2014 some of us were predicting 4k 30 fps, others 1440p and some even 4k 60 fps. Ryzen was not here, so it wasn´t named. And still its just a posibility. Also there are rumors now about a discrete graphic card for PS5, if true cost would rise. If not, Ryzen APU is the most obvious guess.

 2020 PS5 Specs

CPU: Anyway I said 2x the PS4s CPU performance and maybe I´ll be right.

RAM: Many people thought 16 GB of ram would be enough. Other scalated to 64.

I still say 32GB of ram would be nice, but now I think 24 or 16GB have more chance to become the final number. So maybe I was being too willing, we´ll see.

 GPU: I thought about a GPU with 12-14 teraflops in 2014. Of course I would love that, but now I think 10-12 Tf  will be more of a real thing. Again, we´ll see.

 I still think of 2TB drive or a hibrid one with the same storage.

 I also stated 0.8 to 1 TB/s bandwith, but that is not gonna happen, Im wrong there for sure.

2017 GPUs have better optimization of data transfer and compression, I don´t think we are going to get more than 0.5 TB/s. Also HMB2 is too expensive and hard to find. DDR6 will be the memory of choise.

 Anyway, we are half way there (2020 PS5).


What do you think the PS5 hardware especifications will be by 2020?