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So, you may or may not know, but Ryuu is a very loving person. He loves to spread around the love. He has had many friendships over the years, but throughout the vetting 8 have reached the prestigious rank of Angel. now, which one is the best? Let's analyze them and find out!


Ryuu's main Angel, and an all-around friendly guy. He has become the object of much of Ryuu's current affection, potentially to his chagrin. However, he is also a busy man on the site, having many duties and threads to fulfill.



While his activity has declined the past 2 years on the site, he was a mainstay for the Xbox Empire upon its inception. He like to joke...  A lot!! He also likes cats and Yukiko, so those are pluses in my book.



He has a glock, and he ain't afraid to use it!! He sometimes loves Ryuu, other times he pops a cap on him. He drifts between a PS guy and Xbox guy though, so can he be trusted?



An upstart rapper, he loves to dish it out to those who get on his bad side with those sick beats! He was also an ambassador for the site at one point, but he has renounced that past life.



Libara can be crude and rude, but he's still an interesting dude! He likes to spend his time either posting memes, or enjoying his time on his Xbox One X.



He used to work for the army, and that has given him some expert experience. He also likes to keep his mouth clean, not uttering words uncensored, in order to keep his family-man image intact. Fear not, though! He is a true Xbox guy, and forgoes all of those icky Japanese games for the true American titles!



The Spanish-African, he likes dogs a lot. Can he be trusted? I don't know, but if you want to get into a debate, you can always count on him!



One of Ryuu's bosses, he is a relative newcomer to the list I believe. Is he willing to put up with Ryuu? We'll have to see!


So, who is the best? Which one reigns supreme?

Last edited by VGPolyglot - on 12 February 2018