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DonFerrari said:
o_O.Q said:


" so if a body that governs a community counts as government"

we are talking on a state wide basis not down at the level of individual companies obviously... whenever you've heard the term government what were the  people referring to? i mean are you playing dumb right now?


" So, what is capitalism"

as i've said capitalism refers to private ownership of businesses 

if the government then chooses to seize control of a business that is socialism at work as i said to the other guy

Easier way to put it.

Capitalism is of free trade. So even though a company manage all its people and how the production is made, people are free to enter or leave, buy or not, obey interal rules, negotiate wages and price, etc.
Socialism and government are about mandatory because mainly it goes against the individual wishes of individuals.

So, if it was voluntary why would we need laws and the courts for property rights, along with a police force and military to enforce them?