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So, with the recent news about the wild, if predictable success of COD WW2 and the COD franchise as a whole, it got me thinking just how formulaic the franchise is as a whole. We used to get some weird spinoff stuff for handhelds, but since around MW, things have ONLY been :

A pretty linear single-player campaign that goes like : intro, cinematics, shooty mcshooty corridor/move to X, cut scene/QTE set piece, rinse and repeat.

A multi-player setup that boils down to lots of players in small to midsize maps, and sometimes a side theme mode like Zombies.

So, that's obviously very successful for them, and I'm not even saying stop making it.

But how about some ideas to shake things up as side projects, maybe 'AA' size games and budgets, or whatever you think.

Some stuff off the top of my head :

-A MP-only game with a more grounded feel, one life modes available, where there is a huge map area of a massive number of players. Maybe 128v128. 60fps probably not possible on consoles due to Jaguar, but perhaps with a Destiny-style 30fps engine and gunplay, it could be workable. This same game build could feature Battle Royale on the same maps in 64, 128, and 256 player modes.

-More small-scale COD branded 'pick up and play' style games for Switch and digital marketplaces. Above-view in the style of classic stuff like Commando and Ikari Warriors. Multiplayer Co-Op, fun vehicles, 16-bit sprite style, whatever.

-A time-travel themed COD, where battles between differing time periods could take place. Like a bunch of civil war soldiers vs a handful of vietnam-era Green Berets, a horde of Samurai vs a platoon of Nazis, just goofy fun stuff including free-for-all MP with randomly selected eras for your character. Earn more points based on effectiveness with more crude weapons. And a 'gun-game' mode where you start with spears and level up all the way to 21st century or even Halo-style weapons.

Obviously a lot of this could apply to a reinvention of Battlefield as well, though I think overall Battlefield has taken more risks over time compared to COD.

What would you like to see for a spinoff COD game type/platform/whatever?

NOTE : This thread is NOT intended, nor the place to drive-by and say you hate COD or whatever. Different strokes and all that. This thread is just for a friendly/fun idea bouncing place to share concepts. Thank you very much!