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VGPolyglot said:
o_O.Q said:

"Wouldn't that mean essentially every corporation is socialist then, since they govern their community of workers?"

how in the fuck do you jump from i said to this?

A business is a body that governs its community of workers, so if a body that governs a community counts as government, then every business is a government, and through your claim that government action is socialist, that means that every business is socialist. So, what is capitalism then if every business is socialist? People that work on their own or people that work without registering as a business?


" so if a body that governs a community counts as government"

we are talking on a state wide basis not down at the level of individual companies obviously... whenever you've heard the term government what were the  people referring to? i mean are you playing dumb right now?


" So, what is capitalism"

as i've said capitalism refers to private ownership of businesses 

if the government then chooses to seize control of a business that is socialism at work as i said to the other guy