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o_O.Q said:

"we do all of the things you listed here."

yes... because america is not a completely capitalist society.. despite what socialist claim... america has a combination socialist and capitalist policies which i would think is actually desirable... giving those who want to excel the space to do so while still maintaining to some degree a safety net for those who aren't well off


"Y-yeah socialists support trade unions which is why they also want to ban them (?)."

and how did they ban them? through government intervention right?


"Ah nice admission that you didn't read my link about privatization of the Nazi German economy, give it a read why don't you?"

the point i was trying to make is that these sectors were handed over to supporters of the nazi party through the government

and that's the problem with giving all of your rights away because some socialist or communist guarantees that they'll set things right as was the case in germany


"Or maybe it's because Nazis and Communists hate each other"

they did.... and your point is what? that this means that the nazis weren't socialist? despite all of the socialist policies i listed and you unintentionally listed?

to reiterate government control over services is socialist in nature

"a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole."

this means that when the government seized the steel works for example, that was a socialist action living up to their name

despite what you may claim the government has always been how the community chooses to regulate things.. that's why there's a vote

capitalism on the other hand is about leaving people to run their business with minimal or no government intervention


"Link was a book about an alliance of the DNVP and the Nazis. The DNVP were a party of reactionary conservatives, obviously the natural ally of socialists."

this really means nothing when you actually consider what his actions were and that's all that's really important

Ah, good old "not real capitalism". There's a special irony of someone like yourself using a tactic that the left is accused of using in regards to countries like the USSR and China. Such a thing doesn't exist.

Here's a meme which sums up your argument perfectly:


Using your logic, Mr. Dawkins. That means we're all socialists, sure wonder what all those socialists are complaining about if we're all socialist, hm... How about you put down your dictionary and read some socialist literature, maybe you'll learn a bit about what socialists believe. Capitalism is not an ideology, it's a mode of production. Of course it means something, you don't align with someone that you completely disagree with lmao.

Are you new to politics or something? Hard to believe someone can be as misinformed as you, especially when you've been in this thread for a while.