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VGPolyglot said:
o_O.Q said:

" We could stand to have a more egalitarian distribution of wealth at the expense of a level of productive efficiency that is doing more harm than good anyway in my opinion."


that's not how it works... if you tax the rich to the point where they don't receive a certain level of profit for their efforts... why would they bother?, i know i wouldn't

what socialists don't get is if you take out the rich productive people then everyone suffers because the advancements they produce that improve life for everyone are stifled as a result

What you still don't understand is that socialism is not based on taxation of the rich. Rather, as it is based on an economic system without classes wealth wouldn't even need to be distributed in the first place.

"Rather, as it is based on an economic system without classes"

which is a stupid idea and i'll demonstrate why again for like the tenth time

how are you going to prevent different classes from developing if no one has more power over the others and you acknowledge that people are different?


i suppose you'd have to disregard that last part to address this question as socialists generally do