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Leadified said:
DonFerrari said:

Not diffult, it's just that seeing from the present to the past it's quite easy to see how the USSR would never win.

So the US decided to engage in a Cold War and prop up capitalist puppets even though they knew the USSR would never win?

If by US you mean congressman and presidents that more often than not look at their own political power interest than anything else and that also have an economy that benefits from war... and of course a population fed with false information about the ever impending risk of annihilation because of war.

But please show how looking to the past you see USSR having won and their system being able to generate more progress and richness to the population.

Because I think I'll have to repeat it again, the fact of people at the time thinking something is at risk doesn't really make it to be at risk. A lot of people thought there was a possibility of Lula being innocent, that still didn't change the fact that he is corrupt and guilty.

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