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Leadified said:
DonFerrari said:

I don't know how to put it simpler to you that government instilling fear because they want to keep their power is totally different than capitalism being at risk... the socialist countries fall by themselves and capitalism was thriving at the same time... so it's hard to say it was at risk.

Sure, the violence was so needed that they had to kill their own followers to keep their power... but that was the socialist countries.

You need to stop saying "No!" so much and brush up on your knowledge of contemporary history because it's clearly lacking. Capitalism is the system, which was challenged by Soviet socialism, one backed by the US and the other by the USSR. They fought in proxy wars to install their preferred systems and topple each other. Had the USSR won the Cold War, then American capitalism would have been history.

How is this so difficult for you to understand?

Not diffult, it's just that seeing from the present to the past it's quite easy to see how the USSR would never win.

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