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MTZehvor said:
Farsala said:

A top defense didn't do PIT or JAG that much :P.

I think PAT needs a rush game too.

I mean, I won't claim that having a top defense is instantly your ticket to a Super Bowl victory, especially when your offense/special teams basically hands the opposing team 17 points via turnovers and a very questionable onside kick. I do think that just about any offense, regardless of how well they play, needs help, though. New England put up over 500 yards of offense, had 350+ yards of passing from Brady, put up 33 points against the fourth ranked defense by yards and fifth ranked by points, never turned the ball over and never even punted...and the Patriots still lost. I'm not looking for a top defense; anything that provides more resistance than paper mache would be fine.

True they do need to work on it, but they should always keep to their strengths if that is where the budget has been doing recently. If the O line suffers due to a barely better defense, then things might become dicey. The other point I am trying to make is what I have been saying since the JAG- PIT game. The defense in these playoff games have been underperforming, so its not all that important.

NE #1 put 33 points against #4

Eagles #7 put 41 points against #29

PIT #3 put 42 points against #2

JAG #6 put 45 points against #5

Between those 4 scorelines, only one of them looks reasonable and that is the Eagles 41 points, but it probably also should have been lower too. And as rol said this is a nfl record for superbowl yards.