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Farsala said:
MTZehvor said:
Had a feeling this was coming beforehand, although I'll admit I didn't see it playing out quite this way.

New England's defense has been hot garbage this entire season, and they've largely been skating by on opponent's mistakes (see Jacksonville's delay of game penalty in the AFC) and dumb luck (catch rule stuff). The bizarre decision to hold Malcolm Butler out of the game made things even worse. The offense certainly had a chance at the end, but it's hard for me to blame either Tom Brady or Shaq Mason for pretty much making just one joint mistake over an entire half when the defense sucked enough dick to embarrass Monica Lewinsky.

Hoping a Super Bowl with zero fucking sacks will finally convince Belichick to invest some money in the D-Line, but I won't bet on it.

A top defense didn't do PIT or JAG that much :P.

I think PAT needs a rush game too.

I mean, I won't claim that having a top defense is instantly your ticket to a Super Bowl victory, especially when your offense/special teams basically hands the opposing team 17 points via turnovers and a very questionable onside kick. I do think that just about any offense, regardless of how well they play, needs help, though. New England put up over 500 yards of offense, had 350+ yards of passing from Brady, put up 33 points against the fourth ranked defense by yards and fifth ranked by points, never turned the ball over and never even punted...and the Patriots still lost. I'm not looking for a top defense; anything that provides more resistance than paper mache would be fine.