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peachbuggy said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

I hope Retro makes a new IP.

Awesome avatar! My favourite album of all time!

Haha - thanks!

I guess I feel like a jerk for shooting down your idea now : ( Well, I guess it could happen ... I think it's more likely it won't happen though specifically because they finished DKTF in 2013. I think there's just a priority to get something different on the system too. Sorry if my simplistic answer earlier sounded dickish, I just think it's very hard to imagine a RETRO made smash bros ... as i'm sure you understand.

I'm honestly of the thought that they won't need to pull out the big guns like Smash Bros and Mario Kart 9 till later in the Switch's life. I think an Animal Crossing, or even a rushed Pokemon, are more likely. I've actually thought for a while that Smash Bros 5 and Mario Kart 9 were 2019 titles, but I think it's a little unlikely so i've never committed to the idea. I guess I could see Pokemon launching in 2019 and someething else filling up 2018 along side Animal Crossing, don't know what it would be though.