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I thought Xenoblade Chronicles X had a great system. On top of the usual equipment menu you had a fashion gear menu in which you could equip items that merely affected the looks of you characters. So if you wanted the armour you equipped to also be represented visually you could just leave the fashion gear menu alone (default setting), if you wanted to choose for yourself how the characters should look you could just go wild in the fashion gear menu. And if you wanted the characters to retain the default look you could take their initial gear and equip those items as fashion gear.


I really like it when different armour pieces also have different visual representations. I like it even more when I'm allowed to customise without having to worry about stats. And I understand why some just want the characters to retain that default look. By having one equipment screen for changing stats and another for changing visuals you're able to satisfy everyone, which is why I think such a menu should be mandatory in RPG's.



There was one thing I forgot to mention. Xenoblade Chronicles X also had an option to hide head armour. That's another thing that should be mandatory in RPG's!

Last edited by forest-spirit - on 02 February 2018