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It's pretty unique in its atmosphere and game design. There's only a limited quantity of bosses in the whole game, the rest of it consists in tracking them and wandering alone in a pretty lonely world. I mean, there aren't a lot of games which give you that kind of experience because it's actually pretty risky. I love wandering alone in that huge devastated world and taking down the bosses, which feel like a huge platforming puzzle. Also, the narrative is top-notch. It blends pretty well with the gameplay, and it doesn't need a huge quantity of cinematics to explain you a simple but rather effective and emotional story. It's imho one of the best games ever made and worth of anybody's time. But, be warned about this, the game is purposefully clumsy in its controls. That's like a team ICO trademark. And that's the main criticism of this particular game. I feel that this is made on purpose to make you feel weak and powerless, but I'd say it's not for everyone. I'll buy the game day one, that's for sure. Can't wait to play it!