spurgeonryan said:
Nautilus said:
Well, thats pretty obvious.As long as the hardware keeps selling at an acceptable rate, and software sales dont drop, there is no reason to replace it.

They replaced the Wii. Had decent sales,  they just were not properly supporting it anymore and they did not push for 3rd party quality. Could have went on to at least surpass the PSone in sales but they let it die. 


So not obvious. 

The sales of the Wii were already starting to declined in year three if Im not mistaken.And if thats not the case, at the start of year four.Sales for software were not that great either as far as I remember in those later years.And what this talk about 3rd party games?nintendo cant compel the companies to make games for its systems.It can incentivize, but if the companies dont want, they wont make.The Wii was in a different situation compared to the Switch, and thats a completely different discussion.

If a system is continually selling great and its not a money sink(to achieve that), like the PS4 for example, any company will keep extending that.So yeah, its pretty obvious.

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