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LurkerJ said:

I wish Russians interfered for real to balance out the socially accepted interference from the likes of Qatar. Not to mention, election results matter, Trump campaign's promises included co-operating with the Russians instead of needlessly fighting them, he's doing what Americans want

Hillary was determined to escalate with the Russians, and it was one of the reasons why she lost. 

I have realized that most of his supporters are the type of people who like to be dominated.  Mentally and sexually (from personal engagements with people I know).  They are so timidly afraid of standing up for themselves that its just easier to stand up for Trump even over themselves.   No one voted for Trump because they wanted Russia to actively and aggressively interfere with our elections.  We are all about democracy, but we don't just let you fuck us and say 'oh well that what you want let corporate with everything you want'.   Thats why our this measure had 100% approval in congress.  We don't need to ask for permission to stand up for our selves. 

Last edited by CosmicSex - on 30 January 2018