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CosmicSex said:
IkePoR said:

If you can't see "walky-talky feels" narrative this GoW and LoU share, sorry to be the one to tell you mate, but you're legally blind.

What is walky-talky feels?  What the hell are you guys trying to force into reality that isn't real?

I'm dead serious, I want to know what a walky-talky feels narrative is since I actually played the GOW serious before and actually know what it is about.  I know that if anything GOW 3 is the inspiration for TLoU but you keep pumping that bullshit like you actually know what you are talking about. 

What was God of War III about?  What was the narrative?  I not gonna let you get away with making crap up.   What was God of War 3's narrative?  Was it not about a man who lost his family and become a father figure to a girl who reminds him of his daughter while he escorts her to Mount Olympus?  Hmm, sound familiar?  Back off.   Games didn't begin with TLoU.   God of War has ALWAYS been about Kratos' family.  It is kinda the point of the whole series.

Anyone who thinks that GOW copied off of TLOU is so backwards insane, blatantly lying or on some group thought bandwagon that its to the point of insulting. 

But now, since TLoU is so popular, games can't be about what they were always about.   You called me blind.  Is any game with a story TLoU or is it games with stories that feature an older and younger character and are produced by Sony regardless of the actual setting, story, relationship, history of the game, actual gameplay, or common sense all TLoU?  Yes they are because you can see for real.   I would have given you Days Gone because there are actual similarities but not this god killing hack and slash title.   Nope.  Not gonna pretend to be that stupid.

Just because GoW has a story, doesn't make it TLoU.  That's not what I'm talking about and I have no idea what you're on about with "GoW is inspiration" for anything bollocks.

This game looks and sounds nothing like a GoW game.  Every trailer has this guy named Kratos "being a dad", as if he wasn't a horrible, genocidal, mankind apocalypse bringer.  This guy has a generic axe and does a special move where he... sorta tosses it?  Right, and he can't jump either.  And just for good measure of keeping character continuity, they went ahead and changed his voice too.  Why?  Because this is God of Feels, son.

The main point I'm trying to point at is how much walking around the player does in the trailers.  Walking around, stopping to watch a cutscene of a cliff falling and Kratos just... jumping it.  Instead of letting the player do it, he just sorta does it in the cutscene.  Walking around + babysitting little kid + watching cutscenes of your character do things instead of playing a video game = 10/10 amirite?

Before I go plagiarizing, most of what I'm saying is summarized in a video I completely agree with.  If you take a moment to watch it, you might see what I'm getting at.

"You should be banned. Youre clearly flaming the president and even his brother who you know nothing about. Dont be such a partisan hack"