I dont believe this.

The only one I see plausible of being bought off is Bluehole, and simply because they are a "small company", which only made and/or administrates one game as far as I know, and buying them off would not change anything about their plans, since PUBG is already on PC and XOne, and them being under MS wouldnt change that.

But EA and Valve?Valve is totally out of question simply because they would never want that, given the fortune they make out of Steam and the ammount of money needed for that acquisition would probably be far too much for even MS.EA is also too big to be bought like that.Even if MS would have the ammount of money to buy them off, it would be insanely huge, and even with the recent failures they had with Battlefront and Mass Effect, EA is still swimming in money as far as I know.And again, I doubt they would allow that and be impeded to sell on the PS4 and future Sony and to a much lesser degree, Nintendo platforms.

If MS could have bought EA, it would be a gamechanger honestly.But that simply wont happen.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.