Barozi said:
WoodenPints said:

Ah yeah that is what i thought but was just presuming points were like the were for the current plat table but that makes sense now with the physical/digital tie breaker in place :)

Nothing to do with what you wrote, but how many hours (approx.) did you spend playing Oh...Sir! ?
I've done the 2 controller grinding method for hours, but the results thus far are rather poor. Especially the duck hunter sentence is a nightmare. (I was close a few times though). Also you already completed 100 duels...
Shame that the game doesn't track in game time.

Hmm I dunno really after doing the tournaments I prob spent a 2-3 clearing up the specific insults and the 100 duels you can pretty much semi-afk it I let them run whilst watching something to finish up the achievements.