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OTBWY said:
quickrick said:

you have no point, every single open world games ran much better on 360/ps3, there was even a developer that said wiiu cpu was weak, and when lot of enemies coming at you at once, the performance tends to be affected because of the CPU. you running around telling people zelda cant run on ps3/360 is baseless speculation, and wrong. anyway this isn't going no where, until there is zelda port on ps3/360 or GTAV port this is a waste of time.

"This isn't going no where"

It's been going nowhere ever since you entered the thread mate. I think you need to actually calm down "kid" and read the thread title to know why the point has been made. I even used the typical console warz DF video as a counterargument that basically disproves what you said and keep repeating. You cherrypick certain aspects to fit your argument and never actually source (what developer?). Now, like I said, have that seat.

every open world runs better on 360/ps3, fanboy screaming zelda can't run on ps3/360, yet every developers have gotten better results  on 360/ps3 with very open world game, NO i know better then them. LMAO.

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