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I guess this means subtracting PS4's sold-through numbers from EA's estimates is not the way to go (in fact, it's a terrible way to pinpoint the XB1's WW sales) and confirms that both companies use different methodologies to arrive at their numbers.

I think the best way to narrow down the XB1's WW sales is to go with a US percentage range to come up with a ballpark estimate. We don't know if the US:WW ratio has largely remained static, shifted in favor to the US, or shifted in favor WW (though I think the third scenario is the least likely). Let's say the US makes up between 55% to 60%. Extrapolating from the approximately 20.12m US sales from NPD, the XB1's WW sales fall somewhere between 33.53m to 36.58m.

EDIT: I noticed there is one big flaw to my WW sales range methodology. The higher the US LTD, the larger the WW sales range. Eventually, this way of estimating the XB1's total sales will be rendered useless.

Last edited by Aura7541 - on 25 January 2018