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quickrick said:
zorg1000 said:

Your numbers makes no sense.

Dec 10-10 million

Then you go on to say 2.5 million in the 14 days between the 10th and Christmas.

Then somehow you believe 12.3m at the end of Dec is right?

because after the 24th the shopping season is over for Europe, and US.  as you can see by vgchartz numbers, even with the 24 which is a huge day included sales plummet, i'm giving very high estimates btw, i believe the numbers can't be off by more then 200k.

Hum not true at all. Sales are really good overall on the last day of december. 

Even the Wii in extreme shortage would be doing 150k better than Switch while the Switch is outselling it pretty much everywhere in the world. Maybe the numbers are right, but it would be the weakest last week of december i have ever seen and its not like the market isnt healthy...


PS4 did not that well in December so maybe the numbers are real, but Switch i really doubt.


Edit : I'm dumb and sorry lol just checked passed numbers and it would not be that terrible...

Last edited by xMetroid - on 25 January 2018