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Miyamotoo said:
quickrick said:

ok  nintendo know's January is a great month in japan for sales, look at Vgcharts sale through number which are probably very close since it's only 2 weeks of data, we know nintendo numbers for december 10, is it logical for japan to have shortages, because somebody really messed with with shipping then, because after the 24 in europe and US, sales are nothing special, why would they have so many consoles sitting there and shortages in japan, just doesn't make sense to me. 

It's far logical to be to priorities holiday season and December and to ship everything they have for that period than to care about January. You cant say that sales after 24. in Europe and US are nothing special because you don't know that (VGC numbers are not accurate), with ofical infos we know that Switch is selling great in US and in most of Europe. Do you know for sure that "so many consoles are just siting there", beacuse fact is that Switch is selling great on evre market, if they would pull consoles from US or Europe than they will probably had shortages in US and Europe.

I am pretty sure plenty of things about Switch dont makes sense to you, especially when comes to how much great Switch is selling. :)

this is a well known fact now, the decline in january from december, is huge just look at  every console sales for the past 5 years, January has been a slow month for years now. DEcember is huge because of Xmas people wanting to buy gifts for the 25th. you do know no we have official numbers, from nintendo, media create and NPD, so vgchartz job is very easy, it's very basic estimates