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Jranation said:
Anyone know the reason why Nintendo can't fixed the Switch supply issue?

They didnt plan ahead, for success.
What happend is it sold better than they thought, and theres a shortage of memory chips & LCD (apple took a large portion).
That was the rumor back in april. Its probably still plagueing nintendo.

Basically apple is fighting Nintendo, for LCDs & memory chips, and makeing iPhone's instead of nintendo makeing Switch's.

The "only" fix is to wait it out, Nintendo are being cheap, and arnt willing to pay more than Apple, to get parts.
So most of the sales go to apple, beacuse their supply chain power is bigger & they order in bigger quantities.


LipeJJ said:
Get your shit together and start shipping 100k/week Nintendo! hahaha

Kinda hard to make Switch's if your missing parts needed to manufacture them with.
Apple is f***ing them, by buying large amounts of the same parts Nintendo needs.

Even if production should be up in 2018, its still probably a issue for them.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 24 January 2018