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Luke888 said:
TruckOSaurus said:
  • PlayStation 4 – 52,507 (43,808) +19.86%
  • Switch – 43,027 (37,500) + 14.74%
  • 3DS – 12,115 (16,855) - 28.12%
  • PlayStation Vita – 4,256 (4,388) -3.01%
  • Xbox One – 1,388 (113) + 1128.32%
  • Xbox explosion! But still dead last. 3DS seems to be fading away slowly.

    Xbox probably got a boost due to people not finding PS4s for MH, in the end it's the same game, it'll even run better on XboX

    Xbox x got its first proper restock since launch and it's probably people getting it for the xbox x version of mhw. The USA version of this includes the Japanese language. 


    Ps4 ruling the hardware chart again this week. It's having supply issues too. Ps4 Pro sold out on amazon Japan. Great to see the monster Hunter effect already. Hyped for next week.