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I may be alone on this and that's fine, but I found myself in the dreaded gaming slump in 2017. It should have been great, and to most people it was great, to me however I haven't had one memorable gaming experience the entire year. The Switch glcame out and it was incredibly lacking apps and virtual console wise, as well as no revamped miiverse, no way to get online, no friend system whatsoever, ect. BOTW going multiplat left me with a bad taste in my mouth, especially after they neutered the Wii U version with no gamepad functionality which pretty much has me waiting for an emulated version to play well enough to me to go play it there. Splatoon 2 was Splatoon... Like no fixes to the gripes people had about the first was addressed in Splatoon 2. Mario Odyssey was great..... I guess, and Xenoblade 2 was a step back from X imho. 


I'm REALLY hoping 2018 turns it around though. We still haven't had an hd Metroid yet, and that's exciting. Bayo 3 is exciting being I loved Bayo 1/2, and Nintendo laying claim to that series is seriously great news. Fire Emblems coming out right? I like that series... I prefer the older series, but I like Fire Emblem. Pokémon.... Well honestly I don't care about Pokémon, but possibly Xenosaga HD! That would be good.... It's a decent series.