Chris Hu said:
thismeintiel said:

Wow. A lot of revisionist history here. The KKK was started by Democrats to frighten blacks and the Republicans who freed them. They rose to power again in the early 1900s because of a racist Democrat president, Woodrow Wilson, gave them a voice. He not only praised Birth of A Nation, but also resegregated the Federal government. In 1924, some non-KKK members of the Democrat party wanted to put in a special plank in their platform denouncing their violence. But, there were so many KKK members in the party it was actually voted down. It flared up again during the Civil Rights movement, again containing mostly Democrats opposed to desegregation. This also led to Jim Crow laws.

It's hilarious to watch people perform some crazy mental gymnastics to alter that history. "Oh no, they're totally an organization of the right. They're just made up of Democrats, and just fought on the side of the left/Democrats for over 100 years, then suddenly switched sides. Which is good because we can attack Republicans with their "long" history with them. Shh, don't mention that Republicans were the targets of many of their attacks and that the Republicans have always been opposed to them. For reals." LOL.

Now, it may be fair to say they slowly evolved to a party of neither side, as hatred for minorities pretty much took over their whole platform. But, to try to claim they were ever an organization of the right is just a plain lie. Usually one stated for political purposes, not with any fact behind it.

The majority of Democrats used to be racist especially in the south before the passing of the civil rights act once that was passed they where less racists and the racists ones in the south mostly switched over to the republican party.  Also even though there used to be a ton of racists Democrats.  The president that desegregated the military was a Democrat (Truman) and the president that passed the civil rights act was also a Democrat (LBJ) not to mention that he was also the last president that actually cared about the poor.

That's harsh on Jimmy Carter.