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halil23 said:

Never play EDF before but loved the craziness this series known for. Was so close to buying EDF 4.1 until I heard this one coming out

It's well worth buying if you have any interest in the series. So much fun. The 2 Vita games are great too, but this is even better. Avoid 2025. The online component is broken. I played over 500hrs to get the 100% and the plat. It's the most grueling run in the series, but still, a highly enjoyable endeavor. I still play on the odd days I'm actually home. Even as a curiosity, it's worth it to try it out, but much of the online community, which is very hardcore, has migrated to the Japanese EDF 5 import. I now have about a dozen PSN friends from North America, the EU, and Australia who imported it or made a JP PSN account to double dip. There are still some heavy hitter on 4.1, but unfortunately, since last december, mod cheaters have infested the game on PSN. It happened much faster on PC. Hopefully they won't ruin EDF 5 too quickly.

Last edited by COKTOE - on 23 January 2018