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I dont think this poll makes much sense. Many people on the internet will just say they have tried it (if they think they dislike it) to make their opinion more valid.

So this "I have tried it" doesnt make any sense scince haters will just click on it, no matter if they have tried it or not.

Also VR is pretty big, some phone based VR is alot different from high end VR.

Just check "VR Reaction Videos" on youtube. Most people that actually have tried it wont say its a gimmick.

Here are some: (opinions and expierence of the people are usually in the last 1-2 minutes of the videos)






So why do you make a poll where people can just lie if there are so many videos where people that actually really tried VR in a good setup and with good games share their opinions and expierence on youtube ?

Last edited by habam - on 21 January 2018