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Mnementh said:
vivster said:

Introducing Far Cry Hawaii.

Seriously though, this couldn't be more Far Cry if it tried. I'll stick to the bigger and more polished one.

Hmm, really? Don't know Farcry, so I can't say. But I thought some stuff is cool, like turning into a bird and so. You have that on Farcry?

Every single mechanic in those trailers is in the Far Cry games. Granted, you cannot transform into a bird but you can control one that's also able to attack and scout, which mechanically is basically the same thing. Far Cry even has some weird trippy segments that include magical powers and weird colors and landscapes. Stealth, freeing outposts, upgradable character skills, many different weapons including bows, Far Cry has all of that. Even the UI looks strikingly similar. It also covers all of those tribal themes.

Now if you add to that the massive amount of content and polish in each of the games there really is no reason to play this game unless you're somehow a hardcore Hawaii fan.

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